Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guess Im Back :)

What a relief, finally im a second yr and finally im on holidays
but im working as a part-timer now and sort of enjoying the life staying at home
simply watching movies, online-ing and going through driving test at last... LOL

Still hesitating on whether i should study degree or just face reality and work straight away
Im now very interested in reading books about Shakespeare, he is indeed awesome and so in love with jazz and blues music, Cyndi Lauper and Michael amazed as well:)

Somehow I changed a little, but its still me
Stubborn, actually geeky and crazy as well
I dont have a perfect face, life, brain, body.... almost everything that i have isnt perfect
But i believe that if i strive to improve i will, the amount of effort you put in it will reflect in your result .. therefore i will not give up

And somehow i tend to hide myself inside my own shadow, weird, freaky.. yup, i thought so
Kind of miserable and pitiful i sounded in my writing but its truthfully not..
I just dont have the courage to give trust and open my heart, a scary cat ..

I wish to change my blog to a precious diary that i could express whatever is within me
I dont mean to offend anyone, but honestly if you hate it that much please to read


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fatt's birthday :)

A nother day out, received a call in the morning and was invited to my high school bro Fatt's birthday, so mum fetched me there cause i counldnt get ready in time =.=''' TQ Ms Ling! ahahahXD and i was the photographer! LOL:) i was happy as a clam cause i got to meet a long lost high school bestfriend, W.Tink :) So i sang only few songs, cause i was late and i dont really know mandarin or cantonese songs.. wth 10 years of Chinese language education i still cant read some of the lyrics .. stim~ LMAO*

Our room number!XD

camwhoring to kill time, while waiting for my song.^.^

Me and Peng:)

My high school chicks *

Like all birthdays, surprises are always included....;) while the birthday boy went out to ...somewhere.. ( i dont really remember) we took the cake in and prepared some party sprays to attack.. im not included :) hahaXD cause i need to take pics...hehehehe~

The birthday cake..:)

ahhh boooooo..done! lmao!XD

Them boys!~XD

and us girls! hahaXD cause we were not ready yet..

see, a nice one!:)

Finally done another one! yesh! time to prepare for college, chao~


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

F1 Flash Mob

My name is Joan Ng Sook Kuan! lolXD

Its another flash mob show:) Also another short post, woke up, got prepared, off i go**LolXD almost the same routine.. and most importantly we had a great and fun time dancing together^.^hehe.. and thank you Renn and Cece for fetching me here and there:) Okay, bout the show we were supposed to wear green or yellow T shirts provided by the client, so i was yellow tht day ! hahaXD bright and shiny !!wakakaka!!!XD

rehearsing, listening to orders.
Rehearsed til 10 pm if not mistaken, and told that the show will be at pavillion centre court. So "rest well and do well " i told myself ..fingers crossed:)

All stand by-ing, LOL

One of my favorite brand!! but damn expensive..

The venue:) people mountain people sea!hahahaaXD

Im just to lazy to upload all the pics, you can have a look at my facebook...all the pictures are there..:) plss forgive my laziness..hehe.. So went lunch with my gang at Auntie Kwan's and i followed my mom to jusco later on to have dinner at Nandos...huahahaha!!! Had lots of great food in one day!XD

Yesh !REALLY!! hahaXD

Guess thts all! Night!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Nikon Photography Course

Feeling the morning sunshine:) forgive my pale looking face..hehe**

Long time no see folks, darn~ i promised to not blog for two weeks but ended up procrastinating til now....sorry... cause straight after my finals lots been going on, so i hardly have time to blog:) and now im sitting at my cozy bed, with a cup of Ribena....and Blogging ! hahaXD there are tons of post not updated, but soon...i hope:) i plan to blog bout Nikon's Photography course, its a short course organized by nikon and it only cost you RM 50 but in one condition, its that you need to have a nikon D5000, D3000 or D90. if its D90 you'll have to attend another class. Its just a guiding course, what can it do? how to do it ? all surface knowledge nothing deep, but its really useful for amateur like me :)

The class starts at 11, and guess wat ? im late like AGAIN!=.= but a couple minutes only la :) got improvement * hahahahaXD its the first time, i was 100% concentrating ! OMG! if compare to my lecture or tutorial classes in college, im already half way in heaven...Pig-ing ! LOL
And i was all by myself, even lunch..sad chase~ my mum even came late, actually damn "dulan" but i got myself a Gelato then all was good:)

Went Vivo for lunch, non stop snapping :)

My Spaghetti( vegetarian)

The food was not bad, and reasonable price as well^.^
When back to class after finish eating.
Class finished but 5 and they did mention bout some other event, you guys can check it out at the time square nikon center. The walk around its even FOC.

Some pictures i snapped before leaving, its a miniature place in the middle for customers to try out cameras:)

Then i went dinner with my family and my father's friends

My favorite dish of the day..YUM YUM~~

Dont know wats he is doing?! but damn CHIO!hahahahaXD

One happy Family!^^

Thats all, finish all the short post first then only do the long ones! lazy me:) heheheX)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finals coming!OMG!

Sorry i would like to stop blogging for 2 weeks... so many post not updated yet!arghhh!!
see you then :) wish me luck!LOL


Friday, April 2, 2010

Olympus Flash Mob!^^

Its a Flash Mob job given by Sharlin, Thanks for the opportunity^^heheXD Woke up early in the morning, had breakfast..nothing special:) Bonnie followed me to be my camera girl, hohoho~~ TQ !!!! Its actually a six days flash mob held in different places, but i done only four:) And im only gonna blog about 2! see im a lazy pig!!! cant describe my laziness levelO.o


Moi& B in ma mum's car, on our way!!yippy!!

We both got a new addidas high cut!happy happy~

Reached there round 11 to get my baby dslr, im going for a simple course next week:) and off to lunch with my family. I've never seen an Indian restaurant that can be so grand!!woohhh~~~ and the food, surprisingly TASTIEHHH~~

nice right???

The food* dont really remember the names X/

We all need to be there at 2pm, and im a bit late...yes yes, im the late queen~ hahaXD so we stand by for 45min, then boom the show starts! wohooooo~~

Before the show starts....

have a glimpse at our shoes! i love hengs' cause it glows in dark

Spot us through his spects!

Bonnie helping me snap some pics:)
Lets start the show!

Dang Dang! first song ending pose*


Posing again:)

Thriller+ Fierce

I look effing happy, with my big smile!

YEAH! great show, having a snap before going in to grab some cool air.
the weather is really freaking hot out here!

cece and moi!

Had lunch with them at pavillion food court!^^ Shop for a while... went home round 6:)

Nothing special, the same routine goes on and on... wake up, get ready, GO!
And here are some pictures from Bonnie's camera, lazy to update mine...heheXD you can check it out at my facebook;)


Enjoying every moment:)

Giving out cards^.^

Shoes again!XD

Went lunch with B, so sorry cant join cece them, cause no transport:( going to movies with them tomorrow, hopefully la:)hahahaXD Then we head to pavillion to get B's pants, and went home^^
Did snap some pics while waiting for my mum at B's place** hehe

Eating her mee, while i snap her cause nothing to do:)hahaha

Style of the day* MOI
hit me for being over narcissistic!!hahaXD

Take 1

Take 2
Do we look alike ?? Cause almost everyone mistaken us as sisters O.o


Nice not? Joan's photography . heheXD

Me !moi! watashi!

Discovered another look! muahaahaaa(devil)

Lets call it an end! BYE~


Enjoy:)! although its only half